Published on Monday, March 31, 2014


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"it’s funny, fast and furiously violent."

"It makes most Canadian TV series look lame, tired and bloodless."

"If your taste runs to a sharp but ridiculous spoof of gangster drama clichés, with a lot of elaborately foul mouth dialogue, this is for you."

"A touch of the Coen brothers here – the intriguingly clever, deadpan style, the scenes that occasionally go on forever because the rich, absurd dialogue (that) should be relished."

"A nice step forward in Canadian TV...It’s just ridiculously cheerful about degenerates, drug addicts, hookers and absurdly violent criminals. It delivers a good laugh, if you have the stomach for it."

-John Doyle,  Globe and Mail
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Huffington Post

"Highly recommended"

"A must-see, black comedy"

"if you're into having a wicked chuckle at traditional mobsters' expense, check out 24 Hour Rental"

- Ashley Jude Collie, Huffington Post
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- Ashley Jude Collie Special to the Star, Toronto Star
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The Gazette

"A very black comedy, 24 Hour Rental is a hilarious, ultraviolent sendup of and love letter to movie geeks"

- Denise Duguay,  Montreal Gazette
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